XSITE Tradeshow Solutions

Think Outside the Booth

Is your tradeshow suffering?  Are you losing exhibit revenue because attendance and interest are down?

Tradeshow industry experts agree that traditional pipe and drape tradeshows are on their way out.  Too much space required, too costly, and too little return on investment.

XTS can transform your tradeshow into a successful and profitable event with its unique format of face-to-face connections between pre-qualified buyers and sellers.

The same format XSITE uses for the meetings and events industry can be applied to any organization and any industry.  XTS can operate an appointment format show in addition to or as a replacement to your existing show.

All we need is a three hour window, a minimum commitment of 20 sellers and 20 buyers, and we can deliver up 15 face-to-face ten minute appointments.

  • Better quality.  Buyers are screened and pre-approved based on criteria set by you as the show organizer.
  • Time is money.  Buyers and sellers view profiles of one another and pre-select appointments.  A better use of valuable time.
  • Increased exhibitor revenues.  Exhibitors are willing to pay premium fees to meet with qualified buyers.
  • Less space.  XTS requires a smaller footprint of public space saving you thousands in rental dollars.  Less space means you could consider hotels and venues that couldn’t previously accommodate your event.
  • Reduce or eliminate drayage.  Your exhibitors will appreciate not having to ship large exhibits and you save on pipe and drape and other exhibit show charges.
  • XTS does it all.  We provide our proprietary tradeshow registration and appointment matching software, on-site staff management, and full customer service support throughout the entire process.

Contact Tara Liaschenko, CMM at tara@xsiteshow.com or Richard Miseyko, CMP, CMM at richard@xsiteshow.com for more information.